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What We Do and Why People Love Us
High Quality, Homemade Cakes for Cafes in or around London

Joanna's Cakes exists to provide cafes in and around London with the best homemade, professional cakes. My cakes taste and look like no other cake on this planet. The texture and taste of our sponge is totally unique. When your cafe sells my cakes your customers will be thrilled and want to return for more. We have proven success with our existing customers and our testimonies both here and on our facebook site confirm this.

  • Love

    Each cake is made with lovingly, with only the finest sourced ingredients.

  • Passion

    We are passionate about what we do, and each cake is uniquely made.

  • Homemade

    Each cake is individually created by us, for your cafe.

  • Style

    Our expertise means that your cake will stand out above other cakes as an elegant, contemporary product.


The Artists Behind Your Cake
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Joanna Soden

Joanna is the founder and owner of Joanna’s Cakes. With a passion for baking to a high standard, she has the drive and motivation to take this business to the marketplace.
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Lizzi Burrows

Cake Maker
Lizzi has a degree in professional culinary arts and has worked under michelin star chefs in the pastry kitchen. Her cake making skills are incredible and give our cakes the extra “Wow! Factor”.

Janet Wickham

Cake Maker
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Christine Gratton

Pastry Chef


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